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WiFi Connectivity

The brewhob board connects to your WiFi network to send data to the Brewhob Cloud for analytics.

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Debug Support

We provide powerful debug software called the Brewhob Shell to enable you to debug any issues with your Espresso Machine

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Advanced Temperature Control

The Brewhob Board ships with an advanced Proactive P.I.D system to aggressively keep the temperature at your desired setpoint

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“Wow, this is so cool”

“ I must say, guys, I'm really impressed, good job. ”

James Connolly
- Harsh EECS 473 GSI
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Many Coffee Shop Owners and Technicians are excited for the release of the Brewhob, you should make the right choice, ask your technician to check out the Brewhob, you wont regret it !

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The Brewhob Board was created by a great team of individuals with expertise across different engineering disciplines.

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